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Our Story

Established in 1920, Co Ban Kiat Hardware Inc. (CBK), started as a neighborhood hardware store at the walls of Binondo by Mr. Co Ban Kiat, the family’s patriarch. Recognizing the need of hardware materials in building and construction, it introduced the “wholesale” and “buy and sell” trade in the hardware business.​

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Design & Architecture

CBK Pro plays a pivotal role in the design and architecture industry by providing cutting-edge materials, technologies, and equipment that enhance efficiency and precision in construction projects. From advanced power tools to high-performance building materials, these solutions empower architects and designers to realize their visions with greater accuracy and innovation. 

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Construction & Infrastructure

CBK Pro revolutionizes construction and infrastructure with cutting-edge equipment, materials, and technologies, leading to faster project completion and stronger structures. From heavy machinery to sustainable materials, these solutions streamline processes and enhance project quality and sustainability.

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CBK Pro is instrumental in the manufacturing industry with optimized processes and precision machinery, boosting productivity and cost-efficiency. Through smart technology integration and lean principles, CBK Pro empowers manufacturers to meet diverse demands while upholding quality and reliability standards.

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Dependable products designed to meet industry standards.


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