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CBK Pro x RIDGID: Hands-On Innovation at the Live Construction Product Showcase and Demo

On June 24, 2024, the CBK Showroom in Tambo, Parañaque, was the venue for an exciting and informative event as CBK Pro and RIDGID joined forces to present the CBK x RIDGID Construction Tools & Equipment Live Product Showcase and Demo. The event focused on hands-on learning about the latest tools and technologies in the construction industry.

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Participants were given the unique opportunity to try and operate a range of cutting-edge tools and equipment.

The showcased machines included the Threading: 300 Compact + Manual Threader, Beveling: B500 + Grinder, Roll Grooving: 975, Drain Cleaning: FlexShaft, Diagnostics: Camera + Locator + Transmitter, and Electrical: GREENLEE Cutters and Crimpers. This hands-on experience allowed attendees to explore the advanced features and benefits of these products, gaining practical insights into how they can enhance efficiency and productivity in their projects.

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Demonstrations conducted by experienced trainers showcased the power and precision of these tools in real-world scenarios.

Adding to the event’s dynamic atmosphere was a raffle draw, where participants eagerly awaited the chance to win premium prizes from CBK Pro. The excitement was palpable as winners were announced, with top-tier products enhancing the professional toolkit of the lucky attendees.

A significant highlight of the event was the presence of esteemed industry professionals. Mr. Jan Wesley Cobankiat, VP of Supply Chain and Management at CBK Pro, emphasized the company's dedication to service excellence. Representatives from RIDGID provided invaluable insights and guidance during interactive Q&A sessions, further enriching the learning experience.

The CBK x RIDGID Construction Tools & Equipment Live Product Showcase and Demo was a testament to the enduring partnership between CBK Pro and RIDGID, a collaboration that has thrived for over 50 years. This long-standing relationship has consistently delivered top-quality tools and solutions to the industry, driven by a shared commitment to innovation and excellence.

This event was a true reflection of CBK Pro's commitment to service. CBK Pro is always at your service, dedicated to providing industry professionals with the best tools, equipment, and support to achieve excellence in their projects. Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates from CBK Pro. For further information, please contact us at (02) 8851 1788 | (+63) 9171324278